You are not alone

As of lately, I’ve been reminiscing a lot about my parents and my brother whom I lost at a really young age. Even though I know they’re in a better place, and probably doing some Godly “chores,” it’s hard for me to accept that I’ll never be able to physically embrace them again. So when many people come to me for readings, I emphathize with their losses and the emotions they are feeling.

Unbeknownst to many, it’s extremely difficult for me to contain myself when a parent whose child was taken by cancer or a heinous crime is seated in front of me.  I see their tears during a reading and I battle with myself not to break down in front of them. This is also true of all my clients– from people who have experienced a tragic, unexpected death to those who have suffered the loss of a dearly beloved pet to others grieving about the passing of an elderly relative that they prayed to God to take due to their suffering. I realize that some people are the same as me,  trying to hold back their emotions during a reading.

I want you to know that do not have to do that. Though my gift may make me seem inhuman to some, I share the same emotional pain, confusion and disbelief as my clients.  Feel free to express anything you are feeling from tears to joy.  Just know you are not alone in your suffering and hopefully my reading with you has helped you heal somewhat. I know that everyone, including myself, is in need of healing and reassurance that their deceased are at peace.

I know I cannot see all my clients as soon as they would like, but I promise to blog a few times a week from now on. Hopefully my blog will offer some comfort to my clients until we meet again for a reading, book signing, lecture or impromptu visit.


So , it’s very difficult for me to transform from marty the psychic to marian t. zinicola. since i began police work and doing candid readings for people, many many years ago i never revealed my true name to many people at all. even close friends called me Marty.   I didn’t want people to know who my children were or where my grandchildren lived, etc. etc. etc…… this worked out well for many years until i wrote my book, Soul Bonding with Marty the Psychic….all hell has broken out so to speak…Since i have clients in all parts of the world, in many states who know me as marty the psychic no knowledge of my name  they can’t find my book on amazon , barnes and noble or apple, the author looks foreign to them, marian zinicola ?????                                                                                                                                                                                                   SOO THE AUTHOR OF MARTY THE PSYCHIC IS INFACT MARIAN ZINICOLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!