sooo….here i am on my front porch contemplating my next project. Trying to do some writing for my up-coming book , a travel book. I truly feel bad for my husband at times, we’re away , for instance leaving Assisi, Italia’ and i need the ladies room. Did I know the woman in the stall next to me had a deceased  Aunt who wanted to give her a crucial message regarding a mysterious disappearance of a family member????  So I held up our tour bus for 15 minutes…..thank goodness incidents had already taken place on the bus with deceased relatives so they all watched the whole process come to a close….and actually clapped and  cheered at the end ?!?!  Needless to say our driver wanted me banned from utilizing rest stop ladies’ rooms.          As I’m this a film maker friend, Steven Cogle,  phones me that he was hospitalized yesterday, almost had a stroke….that’s why I couldn’t locate him to bid farewells, at a rooftop party in Bushwick,  Brooklyn where I watched my son, Mario  aka Kwue Molly, paint a wall. He was rushed to the hospital on the downstairs level while we were listening to great music and watching artists do their thing..never heard the ambulance….so his deceased Aunt Anna interrupts the call to tell me to let him know she prevented a full blown stroke yesterday  along with many validations to let him know it was truly her…messages to his Mom also telling me that’s how she’s related, his Mom’s sister,etc.etc.etc.     Another quiet Sunday on the porch……

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