Mirrored Feelings


        In many of my quiet moments I sit and wonder not only WHY ? but HOW ? am I able to communicate with the other side……                     The indescribable feelings that occur as I’m reading someone removes me from my ” being ” into an unexplainable realm of  “unearthliness ” so to speak ..I feel almost un-conscious but totally visible and audible to whom is sitting in front of me. I describe or should I say, my sons’ description of it is Soul Bonding.. right fully so it seems….  thus the title of my soon to be released book.     I physically feel the same way I always do externally. But internally it’s this mere feeling of “lightness ” but yet a powerful and incredibly strong ” lightness “. It would be as if a gentle hand containing enormous strength touches my soul….thus enabling me to communicate to their living,  messages of love or warnings or approval which applies to their life explicitly on that particular day they’re getting read….I’m the one who empathetically believes there are no coincidences, everything happens for a.. distinct reason.. when it’s precisely suppose to happen….         This much I know since I’ve learnt such……    from all my readings……..


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